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What the Heck is Node?

(This is a sponsored post.) Here’s what you need to know about Node.js (or simply Node) and how it relates to npm right off the bat: Node is JavaScript, but as a server-side language.This is possible because of V8, Chromium’s JavaScript engine, which can run on its own, outside the confines of the browser.Node and browser-based JavaScript can be very… Read More »What the Heck is Node?

A Serene CSS Dappled Light Effect

There’s a serene warmth to the early evening sunlight peaking through rustling leaves. Artists use dappled light to create a soft, hypnotic effect. Bedford Dwellings by Ron Donoughe (2013) We can create the same sort of dappled light effect in web design, using it on photos and illustrations to add that magic touch to what might otherwise be drab walls… Read More »A Serene CSS Dappled Light Effect