I aim to make this page the go-to page for free SEO resources for beginners. Yes, there are many others like it, but I have found some of them to be somewhat biased towards specific SEO masters, and some of them do their best to sell their own products and services. This page doesn’t discriminate or sell. If I find a good free resource, I will list it here. I do mention Neil Patel a lot on this page, but find his free resources to be a great starting point. I am in no way affiliated to him or his company.

SEO Masters

Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner Photo
Chase Reiner – Photo Credit: chasereiner.com

I recently started following Chase due to his ton of free info and the fact he often gives away premium content for free. Some would say his methods are spammy, but they obviously work as seen by the enormous following he can build on any new venture. His story is one of zero to hero and it’s truly inspirational.

Website: chasereiner.com

Neil Patel

Neil Patel – Photo Credit: neilpatel.com

I don’t think you can do any SEO research without this name popping up. He is an absolute SEO legend and a wizard at content creation. He has a ton of superior content and everything is very well presented and very clear.

Website: neilpatel.com

SEO Learning Resources

YouTube Channels

Neil Patel – YouTube: Nicely categorized with lots of videos. Not limited to SEO only and contains lots of useful info around social media and marketing in general.

Chase Reiner – YouTube: Not as much content as Neil Patel, but a lot of these videos have all sorts of cool ideas / hacks / software that can help get you started quickly. I love his down to earth way of doing things.

Brian Dean – YouTube: Great set of videos covering even the most basic SEO to advanced ideas around marketing and link building.

Facebook Groups

White Hat SEO Network by Chase Reinerhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/whitehatseonetwork/. There are a lot of SEO experts on this group and it’s often a great place to chat about the latest ideas or problems you are facing. This group’s name has changed a few times since I joined so if you are unable to access this link please drop me a message and I will send the latest to you.

Google SEO Mastermind – https://www.facebook.com/groups/googleseomastermind/. Again a lot of SEO experts willing to hand out advice on your burning questions.

Reddit Communities

Search Engine Optimization: The Latest SEO NewsSearch Engine Optimization: The Latest SEO News (reddit.com)

Big SEO – A Reddit Community for SEOsBig SEO – A Reddit Community for SEOs

SEO Tools

SEO Analyzers

Sitechecker – sitechecker.pro

Good comprehensive information but the free version will only display the few couple of items per category.

SEO Site Checkup – seositecheckup.com

Good basic information in a clean and easy to read report. Great to get you started on the basics.

SEMRUSH Site Audit – semrush.com/features/site-audit/

A ton of information but you have to sign up (FREE), and you are limited to one site. Still great if you are starting out and want to audit your own site for learning purposes. This is actually a very highly rated services and I have seen a lot of the SEO gurus promote SEMRUSH.

Seobility Free SEO Checker – seobility.net/en/seocheck/

This has got a fair amount of information in an easy to read report.

Neil Patel’s Free SEO Analyzer – neilpatel.com/seo-analyzer

Good for basic information, but is definitely not comprehensive enough to use only this.

Backlink Checkers

Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker – ahrefs.com/backlink-checker

The best free resource for checking backlinks I have found so far. You get pretty decent information without signing up, but if you care to take a couple of seconds to sign up for the free plan, a whole lot more is at your disposal. I am hesitant to even post additional links but thought it would only be fair to compare some of the others.

Neil Patel’s Free Backlink Checker – https://neilpatel.com/backlinks/

Excellent information with historical and new/lost data. The only drawback is the free version doesn’t display all the information.

Moz Link Explorer – moz.com/link-explorer

Great source of information, but you have to sign up first. Well worth it though.

The HOTH Backlink Checker Tool – thehoth.com/backlinks-checker/

Great detailed information, they just require your email address.

WordPress Plugins

This section can start a heated debate between two of the main contenders and their preferences. While I prefer Rank Math, this section wouldn’t be complete without Yoast. Both plugins can be added directly from WordPress. While comparing their features the user choice is mostly going to be based on personal preference (and what the user is used to).

Rank Math – https://rankmath.com/

This plugin is such a great tool for both beginner and experienced SEOs. Everything just seems to be in the right place and the information at hand is a great guide to get the technical aspects in order. My favorite features include the headline analyzer (helps you build the perfect title for your post), the built-in SEO analyzer and the fact that you are only limited to 5 keywords.

Yoast SEO – https://yoast.com/

I started using this plugin first but found the free version to be a bit limited (especially around the 1 keyword limit), and switched to Rank Math. I have not felt the need to try Yoast again, but it’s the number one choice for may people and it wouldn’t be fair to exclude it from this list.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider – https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/

This was introduced to me by Chase Reiner. This isn’t an online tool and requires a download. It’s currently got Windows, MAC and Ubuntu versions. This could be considered as information overload but Chase has a great guide on YouTube dedicated to this. The free version is limited to 500 URLS which is still great if you are starting out or just auditing small websites.

Did I miss something?

If you have something great that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know. This is about sharing great things with the community and I welcome any feedback.