Reselling / Dropshipping is a great way to make money online and we have just the thing to get you started. Making money online is often thought to be one of the biggest scams in the modern era. There are literally millions of offers and at first glance many of them seem too good to be true. I personally have subscribed to several of these offers and have always been disappointed. I have grown weary and it will take a lot to convince me to sign up to one of these offers again. Having said that, there are many legitimate ways to make money online. AMTY Group have recently launched a reseller portal aimed at the small / informal business owner who would like to resell brandable and branded products but cannot afford to register with all the trade-only suppliers. This portal will allow you to purchase items of clothing, corporate & promotional gifts and have them delivered to you (or direct to your client).

Is making money online possible?

The short answer is yes, but you have to be careful of the millions of scams around. A sure sign is having to pay to sign up, or seeing promises of making thousands without having to do anything in return.

What is a “Trade-Only Supplier”?

This term refers to a supplier that will only sell to other businesses trading in the specified products or services. This means that the general public is blocked from purchasing. These “trade-only” suppliers often have strict sign-up processes and often change a sign-up fee.

What is “dropshipping”?

Dropshipping is a businessmodel where said business doesn’t keep any stock and suppliers fulfill orders by shipping items directly to the consumer. This significantly reduces financial risk and investment for the small / informal business owner.

Reseller portal

Our reseller portal was launched in November 2020 and is constantly updated with new products from the various suppliers.

AMTY Reseller Portal Screenshot
AMTY Reseller Portal


  • Over a thousand different items and counting.
  • Shipping direct from vendor to you / your client
  • Own personal client address book
  • Pay with Credit/Debit card or EFT
  • Online support via WhatsApp
  • Branding launching in 2021
  • New suppliers added regularly

Getting Access

Getting access is easy. Just head on over to My account – – Reseller Portal and register by either entering your email address in the register block or clicking on the Facebook or Google buttons at the bottom. You will only be required to enter additional information when placing your first order.

Placing an order

The site works like any other online store.

  1. Add items to your cart
  2. Click on Check Out
  3. Enter all the shipping details
  4. Select payment options
  5. Complete payment
  6. You will get a confirmation via email and your order should arrive shortly.

Getting help

Client service is very important to us and you will notice various ways of getting in touch all over the website. Simply click on one of the WhatsApp buttons or click on the Contact Us link and fill out the form.

Do you have any questions?

If you need some more information on our new reseller portal or any of the products, please click on one of the WhatsApp buttons on the Contact Us link on Shop – – Reseller Portal.

A final word from T-Grafix

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