Yes, it’s possible. You can, like I do regularly, remove image backgrounds using only Inkscape. The success of this trick varies depending on the complexity of the image, and how much detail there is in the background. Obviously other factors like image size and how clear the image is also play a role. For this exercise I have used a very basic image found on Google images.

remove image background

The important thing to note here is that this is as simple as you are going to get. The background is plain white and the image has hard black lines around it. This is a great image to experiment with before you move onto the more complex images.

This process entails tracing the image into a solid object with nothing in it (basically a silhouette of the image). Then we will use this object to clip the existing image. Clipping an image means we are hiding all portions of the image not covered by this new object.

Remove Image Background:

Step 1: Create a new black box to test our new image on

Step 2: Import image into Inkscape

Step 3: Scan the image

Step 4: Break the object apart

Step 4: Union all the pieces into a single object

Step 5: Select both the image and the new object

Step 6: Right-click, then click Clip

I made a quick video with the technique. Please subscribe to my channel to catch the more advanced technique with a bit more detail in the image.

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