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Graphic Design & Web Design Services : Tailor made!

Graphic Design
Graphic Design. Credit: pixabay.com

Graphic Design & Web Design Portfolio

Welcome to my graphic design & web design portfolio website. This site hosts my portfolio and serves as a platform to share some of my ideas and projects.

For a complete list of my services, please visit https://tgrafix.co.za/graphic-design-services/, or for any other enquiries please contact me on https://tgrafix.co.za/contact-us or from on one of the buttons at the top.

About Me

I started my career in the late 90s doing technical support on computers and networks. This gave me a strong technical foundation that has carried me through many career transitions. I have spent time as a developer, systems analyst, data analyst, support engineer, graphic designer, in-house print specialist, social media marketer, business owner & father (possibly the hardest job I have ever picked up). More recently I have started with my SEO (search engine optimization) journey. My passion for learning has allowed me to conquer many skill areas within IT and beyond. I am constantly seeking new challenges and find it difficult to give up on something if I do not consider the task completed. Whether you call it being a workaholic, or being obsessed, working with me will mean you will get the job done regardless of challenges.


While I have listed some of my services under https://tgrafix.co.za/graphic-design-services, I would hate for this to be seen as a limit to my skills and product offerings. As you may have fathomed from my about section above, I don’t shy away from challenges and often find myself doing something I haven’t attempted before. Keeping this in mind I open myself to consulting and I am happy to have a look at your challenge and investigate the perfect solution for you. I do this as a free value add as part of my “customer first” approach. This will give us both an opportunity to establish trust in the relationship and have transparency about the project. We will also have the opportunity to go our separate ways should we not feel comfortable to proceed. While I am always up for a challenge, I do not run into things blindly and will be frank and honest where I am unable to assist.

Should you wish to make contact, please visit https://tgrafix.co.za/contact-us, or contact me on social media or email on the buttons at the top.

T-Grafix Blog : NEW

Please visit my new blog to check out some of my ideas. Some new, and some reworking some existing ideas. I love to find new and easier ways of doing things, and will be posting some of these ideas on my blog. Please leave a comment or contact me to let me know what you think.